terça-feira, 18 de setembro de 2012

Welcome to Art´s Sudoku, the ultimate sudoku puzzle!

Art the cat is very smart, a regular brainiac he is! He always gets the puzzles right, no mather how hard. Can you match is achievements? Don´t let the little number mice get the best of you! You can select the size and hardness of puzzle you want and you can challenge yourself, and Art the Cat, to be the biggest brain around!
Enjoy Art´s Sudoku Free, with hundreds puzzles in 7 different sizes and 6 dificulty levels, or upgrade to Arts Sudoku Brainiac Edition (payed version) with thousands of puzzles, no publicity and auto-save and save functionality so you can keep on playing your sudokus.

The game is available at the following address in the android market: Art's Sudoku. Donate to our projects by downloading this version instead: Art's Sudoku donation.


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