quinta-feira, 16 de agosto de 2012

Angry Bees

Pete the spider climbs his web,
Looking jolly happy!
Looking to snatch some honey
To prepare his party!

Pete the spider is a scoundrel
He ties up the merry bees
Wait til they get to his side
Thrown away he is!

Busy busy are the bees,
Flying all around!
If they catch that wretched spider,
They will kick him out!

Busy is the fat bee Jack
Flying oh so fast!
Soon he will kick Pete´s back-side
And he will splash flat!

Oh so busy is Maria,
Of the bees, she is the queen!
If Pete goes into to her space,
She will soon kick him!

Look out Pete!
Here comes the swarm!
Hurry with that jar!
Or else they will get you good,
Anf off you go, so far!

Poor Pete, he is just so greedy!
His sweet tooth wont let him rest!
If he gets away with it some,
He will feel the best!

As always, the free version is available at the following address in the android market: Angry Bees free. The paid version can be downloaded from the here: Angry Bees.

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