segunda-feira, 14 de maio de 2012


The city is a wonderful place! Cars and people hustle around!
Under the night sky, the lights shine brightly ...
Every new building is a new horizon, but the sky gets harder and harder to see!
It is time to stop the buildings from reaching too high! It is time to let the stars sparkle trough!!!
Finally! We're proud to present our first game release for the android platform. This time Gato Pinco meowed for you a new exciting city game: Towers!
Towers is a beatiful and joyful game to make you think and exercice you memory.

You start by being able to rotate 2 tiles at a time being your initial mission to match together 3 similar blocks. As the game progresses, so will your strategy, as you need to adapt to the play mode defined in each new level. Pay attention to the instructions at the beginning of each level as you will have to rotate 2, then 4, then 5, and then 6 at the higher level, and make increasingly longer vertical or horizontal lines as the buildings rise from the ground and the free space is less and less.

The game is available in two versions: the free and the paid version. The free version is available at the following address in the android market: Towers Free. The paid version can be downloaded from the here: Towers.

The free version of Towers has publicity. To get rid of publicity get the paid version of Towers with more levels and more functionalities.



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